Mahal – 16

  • Berkeley High School
  • I’m improving my leadership, communication, and organizational skills.
  • I want to be a professional studio engineer, or anything else in the music industry.
  • I have communication skills and confidence.

Durrell – 17

  • Berkeley High School
  • I started at YSA to express my creative side and and improve my artwork.
  • I really want to be a video game designer or computer engineer.
  • I’m creative and good with color tones, drawing, and shadowing.
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Alex – 18

  • Parson’s: The New School of Design
  • YSA provides a structured environment where I can make art and help others with theirs, and be a part of my community.
  • I want to be making art and clothing, and living with my friends.
  • I make crazy paninis.

Adonis – 22

  • Berkeley City College
  • Learning experience.
  • Working with youth.
  • I’m a great leader and have great organizational skills, and am self-motivated and focused.

Jason – 21

  • Alacosta Centers Day Program
  • I’ve been here for almost four years, and I find this program good.
  • I would want a real job.
  • I love basketball and have a good sense of humor.

Allegra – 20

  • Laney College
  • I’m here to make money, learn how to survive on my own income, and get better at art.
  • On the TV screen.
  • I enjoy singing, acting, drawing, and writing.

Yesenia – 17
  • Berkeley High School
  • I’m getting skills and job training.
  • I want to be in college.
  • I’m responsible and good at performing arts.

Osaze – 15

  • Berkeley High School
  • I’m doing art and getting a sense of what work life is like.
  • I want to be an artist—maybe a comic book artist—and art curator.
  • I’m a good artist, and I’m attentive.

Jordan – 16

  • Berkeley High School
  • It’s a good space to get away from home and express myself.
  • Graduating college with a degree.
  • I’m self-motivated and athletic.

Stephon – 18
  • It inspires me and gives me a sense of independence.
  • I want to have a successful job, a car, and a house with a white picket fence.
  • I’m outgoing, friendly, and dramatic.

Brian – 15

  • Berkeley High School
  • It’s a way to express myself.
  • I want to be famous.
  • I’m funny and friendly.

Isaiah – 19

  • San Francisco Community College
  • I was assigned here from Youthworks. I’m getting experience and learning how to sell art.
  • I’d like to have my own house and car and money.
  • I’m intelligent and a good communicator, good at working in groups and bringing new ideas to the table.

Matias – 16
  • Berkeley High School
  • I was referred through YouthWorks.
  • I’m in college.
  • I’m creative and charismatic.

Arielle – 17

  • Berkeley High School
  • I like doing art and the people here are really friendly. It gives me a productive place to be after school; it’s something that I enjoy doing and get paid for.
  • I want to be in college or just graduating college. I don’t know what I want to study beyond something to do with art.
  • I’m friendly and outgoing and comfortable talking to people; I’m good at visual art and have a creative mindset.

Richard – 15

  • Berkeley High School
  • I’m learning how to make art and being around positive people.
  • Playing basketball, making money, and generally having fun with my life.
  • I’m good at interacting with others.

Haroun – 16

  • Berkeley High School
  • I’m learning a lot about how to do art and new techniques. I know about art already, but it’s helping me learn more.
  • In college with a successful job.
  • I’m good at drawing and okay at painting.

Bourhan – 15

  • Berkeley High School
  • There’s not too many people. I’m used to that because I’m in a small school.
  • I’m in college.
  • I’m friendly and open to learning.

Dréan – 20

  • Mount Diablo Adult Center
  • I’m getting more experience with artwork.
  • In the World Wrestling Entertainment company.
  • I’m a hardworking type of guy.

Manuel – 16

  • Emery High School
  • I’m learning how to make new art and express myself.
  • I want to be doing coding for a software company.
  • I’m creative and have a big imagination; it’s easy for me to think of new things.

Sam – 16
  • Berkeley High School
  • YSA gives me a change to improve my art skills.
  • I want to be in school still, but also have my own house and start a family.
  • I know how to save money and have good self-control.

Khalil – 15
  • Berkeley High School
  • I’m here because YouthWorks referred me, but I’ve become fond of this place. It allows me to create more art in my spare time, and it helps me get out of the house.
  • Making lots and lots of money, traveling the world, and having some kind of degree or credential.
  • I draw, like working, and I’m tolerant.

Antonio – 17

  • Berkeley City College
  • My mom’s friend is a friend of YSA’s founder and encouraged me to join. I currently help to maintain this website, so I’m getting experience in that area and learning a lot, too.
  • One year out of a four-year college, with a degree in computer science and a job in IT.
  • I’m responsible, patient, and eager to learn.

Onynex – 15
  • Berkeley High School
  • I get to be free and express myself in many different ways.
  • I want to be in college, doing concept art.
  • My mouth: being able to speak.

Reggie – 20
  • Berkeley City College
  • Pursuing to earn a Associate’s Degree
  • I am a rugby player, frisbee player, and a Twitch streamer.
  • I really like YSA because of the accessibility to art materials which allows us to create art easily.
  • I’m attentive, self-aware, determined, and mature.

Alexis – 17
  • Berkeley Technology Academy
  • I want to earn a degree in video game designing, working for Microsoft.
  • I’m bipolar, funny, outgoing, and lazy.

Miguel –

Roderick –