YSA fulfills its mission through three empowerment-focused program areas:

1. Fine Art Program

The Fine Art program involves youth in creating original artwork made of traditional, recycled, and reused materials.
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2. Community Art Program

The Community Art program engages young people as leaders in neighborhood revitalization through creation of murals, tile projects, and other public art.
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3. Art Entrepreneurship and Sales

The Art Entrepreneurship program helps youth participate in the marketing and sales of original and reproduced art. Weekly, YSA youth sell art their art at local businesses in Berkeley, and receive half the proceeds of their sales.  The youth also learn about earning money, spending money wisely through budgeting, saving and investing money, using credit cautiously, and protecting one’s personal finance through an accredited curriculum.  These combined efforts teach youth entrepreneurial and business skills.

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For youth, ages 15 to 25.

Please apply to participate in our Fine Art, Community Art, or Entrepreneurship and Sales program in the studio.  You are also welcome to sign-up online.

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