Community Organizing Program

Youth-Led Community Organizing
Youth Spirit Artworks Leaders are actively engaged in efforts to use their art for community organizing to create justice and equity at the local, as well as State and National level. Youth Leaders choose campaigns to focus their arts efforts on lasting anywhere from a few months to multiple years.

YSA engages two Leaders each semester focused on Community Organizing and Outreach efforts engaging YSA participants and the community. These Leaders, along with other YSA  Leaders from our program, carry out public speaking at City Council meetings, organize and lead rallies, gather petition signatures as part of petition campaigns, and give media interviews.

YSA’s “100 Homes for Homeless Youth” Campaign

Youth Spirit is currently engaged in a ten-year community organizing campaign, responding to the dire youth need for housing, to create “100 Homes for Homeless Youth” in San Francisco’s East Bay. YSA youth’s plan is to create 25 Youth Tiny Houses; 25 beds in a total of five rented or purchased houses, creating “group houses” for young people; and 50 new, dedicated units of youth housing as part of a larger affordable housing project.

Tiny House Prototype and Village

In January 2016 YSA became engaged in community organizing efforts toward creating a Youth Tiny House Village in Berkeley, or another East Bay community. Partnering with non-profit developer, Housing Consortium of the East Bay, Youth Spirit is now engaged in a project to execute both a five house Tiny House Mini-Village on its site at 1740 Alcatraz Avenue, and, also, in securing a site for a separate 20 house Youth Tiny House Village.

Youth Spirit Artworks began completion of the design and construction of its Youth Tiny House Prototype in April 2017. Six youth Leaders worked with architect Dan Edleson and contractor Tre Brown on the design process. They then spent six months completing construction of the prototype, being trained in building skills and learning how to build a Tiny House. YSA unveiled the finished Tiny House prototype on October 28, 2017.

In January 2018 YSA hopes to begin construction of Tiny House 2 with the goal to complete that house by April 30, 2018. YSA plans to complete our first five Tiny Houses as part of the Tiny House Mini Village by May 1, 2019.

Adopt-A-Tiny House Program

YSA is actively engaged in an Adopt-A-Tiny House Program in which religious congregations and other organizations are individually and as groups pledging to help support completion of a Tiny House. Signing up to be part of the Adopt-A-Tiny-House program congregations have the option to contribute financially, to organize congregation volunteers to assist with construction, or to contribute to both.

For information about the Adopt-A-Tiny-House program email us.