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In January 2016, youth at YSA initiated a community organizing campaign to build a Youth Tiny House Village in the San Francisco East Bay. We’re working in partnership with non-profit developer Housing Consortium of the East Bay and the local interfaith community to complete a multi-face, community-led Village that is designed by the young people it will benefit. The Village will feature:

  • 14 secure 8′ x 10′ Tiny Houses with
    • lofted beds
    • windows
    • skylight
    • storage
    • electricity
    • furnishings
  • On-site, clean communal bathrooms and showers
  • A kitchen yurt for residents to cook weekly communal meals and securely store their own food
  • Community gathering space for meetings
  • Associated jobs training program through YSA
  • Associated social services through YSA
  • Restorative justice covenant and community process
  • On-site Resident Assistant who lives in the community

In addition to a prototype built in 2017, YSA will be building two houses in March and April of 2019 and 12 houses in August and September. We are actively recruiting members of our community to support us with advocacy, fundraising, and building at our Habitat for Humanity-style builds.

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The Youth Housing Crisis

The Tiny House Village project was initiated by young people in YSA’s programs in response to the crisis of affordable and accessible housing. There are 1,700 homeless young people in Alameda County, and 36 youth designated beds in shelters and affordable housing. Young people facing housing instability have overwhelming experienced abuse and neglect, mental and physical health obstacles, and lack access to public resources. 

Youth Spirit Artworks’ first 14 unit phase of the Tiny House Village Project will increase the number of youth designated beds in the county by almost 40%.

The Tiny House prototype, unveiled in 2017, was designed and build by 6 Youth Leaders working with local architects, design students, and contractors. In 2019, we need your help to complete the Village.

Interfaith Activism

The Tiny House Village is an interfaith project, working with community leaders like Congregation Beth El, Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, First Church of Berkeley, Congregation Beth Israel. We are continuously grateful for the religious community’s values of justice, advocacy, and service work for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

One way for congregations to get involved is through the Adopt-A-Tiny-House Program, in which religious congregations and other organizations are individually and as groups pledging to help support completion of a Tiny House. Signing up to be part of the Adopt-A-Tiny-House program, congregations have the option to contribute financially, to organize congregation volunteers to assist with construction, or to contribute to both.

To get your congregation involved, or for more information about the Adopt-A-Tiny-House Program, email us.

100 Homes for 100 Homeless Youth

Our work to build housing for at-risk youth doesn’t stop with the Tiny House Village. Youth Spirit is engaged in a ten-year community organizing campaign, responding to the dire need for youth housing, to create “100 Homes for Homeless Youth” in San Francisco’s East Bay. In the next ten years, YSA youth’s plan is to create:

  • 25 Youth Tiny Houses
  • 25 beds in a total of five rented or purchased “co-op” houses
  • 50 new, dedicated units of youth housing as part of a larger affordable housing project.

Get Involved

We’re seeking folks with community organizing or construction experience to volunteer as build leaders. We’re also seeking people of all ages and abilities to help at our fall Build Days. If you would like to be involved with advocacy, please consider committee membership to get involved with the planning and outreach for our tiny house village. To volunteer with Tiny House Village, please click here.

If you would like to donate to the Tiny House Village, please click here and scroll down to “Tiny House Village.”