2008 South Berkeley Youth “Art Bench” Design Competition


WHAT: Youth Spirit ArtWorks is holding an art competition for Berkeley youth, giving young people the opportunity to create art designs for wooden benches along the Adeline Street Corridor in South Berkeley. The bench designs chosen will be painted on nine local benches in 2008. The name of the artist/designer will be designated on each bench.

WHO: All Berkeley youth, ages 13 to 25, are eligible to participate in this art bench design competition.

WHEN: The competition runs from January 22 through March 14, 2008.

HOW: Designs need to be submitted either to Michael Jacobson or Ana Hernandez at the Youth Spirit ArtWorks Art Studio (Rm. 123) at Berkeley Technology Academy, 2701 MLK Jr. Way (at Derby) or to: YSA, 3129 Ellis Street, Berkeley, CA 94703 by 5pm Fri. March 14, 2008. Bench designs will be chosen by a panel of community artists. Winning designs will be announced March 30, 2008 with postcards or emails sent to the winners.

PRIZES: The youth artist submitting the First Place winning design will receive $100 cash. The Second Place winner will receive $50 cash. The Third Place winner will receive $25 cash. Prizes can be picked up beginning April 6, 2008. Each of the nine winning youth artists will be honored at an awards ceremony/media event at the time the completed benches are unveiled in Fall 2008.

DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: Bench designs need to depict a positive message related to the subject of health and self care. Words and simple phrases are okay to include. Submissions must show a visual image of what will be on the top and bottom of the bench in color. Each bench design should be painted or drawn on either 2 unwrapped paper grocery bags (approx. 34-14 inches) or on white butcher paper of this or a larger size. Alternatively youth can use paper the exact size of benches for any wooden bench along MLK/Adeline St. between Ashby and 62nd Street).

Remember, most South Berkeley wooden benches have 3-4 wooden slats making up the bench back and the bench seat. These need to be considered in creating your design.

Designs should be bold and simple so they are easy to paint on benches and easily understood by viewers. Remember—completed benches will often be seen from a distance of ten feet or more.

Possible themes to depict in art work include: eat healthy food, stop smoking, get regular exercise, everyone has the right to health care, visit your doctor regularly, drinking and driving kills, eat vegetables and fruit, buy local produce, fatty foods create obese people, watch your weight, eat right/keep fit, smoking causes cancer, vote—health care for all.

Please include your: name, address, phone number, and email (if applicable) on the back of your submission.

MORE INFORMATION: For more information contact: Sally Hindman at Youth Spirit ArtWorks, Slhindman@aol.com or 510-704-0689.


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