Whole Foods Berkeley Celebrates YSA with “Nickels for Non-Profits” Spring 2013

Nickels for Non-Profits

Nickels for Nonprofits at Whole Foods Market Berkeley will benefit Youth Spirit Artworks, this quarter April 15 through July 1st! We are thrilled!!!

Bring recyclable bags when you shop at Whole Foods Market Berkeley, and you’ll earn 5 cents per bag that can be donated to support Youth Spirit’s art jobs training program–and the expansion of our art sales through our new art sales venture, the Art Cart. Nickels for Nonprofits is a wonderful program sponsored by Whole Foods that benefits both the environment and the local community. Two charities are selected to receive the proceeds of nickels donated over a two and a half month period.

Youth Spirit young artists are looking forward to carrying out a variety of different activities during the quarter we are designated for Nickels for Non-Profits, including creating clay tiles for Safe and Sound, our 2013/14 Malcolm X School & Park Mosaic Signs Project! So look for our young artists at Whole Foods leading art making activities on some Saturdays this quarter!!

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