Visions of Equality

YSA’s Visions of Equality Mural Project will take place in the parking lot controlled by our organization at 1740 Alcatraz Ave. in Summer/Fall 2015. The mural will be designed by artist Victor Mavedzenge, along with the input of over 50 neighborhood residents and youth starting July 6, executed in August and September, and graffiti protection coated and professionally mounted in October. A mural unveiling is scheduled for as early as Saturday, November 7, 2015.

The theme for the mural, “Visions of Equality” was developed by Mavedzenge and the YSA community through the engagement of youth and neighborhood residents involved in YSA’s monthly poetry workshops/performances and in our studio art- making which has focused over the last year on freedom and imprisonment, Black Lives Matter, and issues related to gentrification and “black flight” in the face of huge Bay Area cost of living increases. South Berkeley has long been a predominantly African American neighborhood, yet that population has decreased in this neighborhood over the last five years to 25 percent.

As we enter into the “design/build” phase of the ArtLot in fall/spring 2015/16 it is our hope to develop the ArtLot to contain well over 150 seating spaces for an outdoor performance space and a stage, as well as enterprise links between the new nearby Farmers Market, the developing Tuesday Monthly Arts Walk, & the Berkeley Flea Market.

A total of sixty-four vintage local doors will be mounted along the four-sided parking lot fence being converted to this South Berkeley alternative open space ArtLot. The mural is intended to cover the 75 ft long east wall of the ArtLot.

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