YSA Recipient of the 2015-2016 Chancellor’s Grant

Youth Spirit Artworks has been selected as a recipient of the University of California, Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund. The grant is in the amount of $15,000, which will be used for their newest neighborhood improvement project, a Parklet and Artlot for the Lorin neighborhood.

Collaborating with Cal design students, YSA youth will engage new and long-time residents, exploring opportunities for art, entrepreneurship, and community building that value all Lorin residents. Goals include pedestrian safety, creation of a community parklet and spaces for art making and gathering. Documentation will include a How-To manual for future parklets in Berkeley, and a graphic booklet recording Lorin resident’s hopes and dreams for the upcoming Adeline Corridor Plan.

YSA hopes to create an expression of community, which will evolve into economic survival and public open spaces for community enjoyment. Along with Cal students, YSA youth will also be working with Geoffrey Holton and Associates as the primary architect and designer.

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