After I Stumbled

By:  Joshua Joseph


I sat sitting and realizing how powerful God is

humbles a man

but a man who isn’t accepting has a hard time walking without stumbling,

his large ego filled head,

imagine a bobble head on a toothpick

now make it stand with no foundation.

Recognizing the purest truths

and then meeting the darkest forces of fear

leave you paralyzed.

The fork in the road

left and right become a single path.

To break the spirit fill it with doubt,

remind it to remind itself of fear.

To raise the spirit

remind it of its capability

fill it with motivation a focus.

The fork in the road

is really a choice

because it’s one love, one life, one road,

Do you stumble over every ditch and bump

or are you focused, diligent and sprint past the obstacles?

My focus is unbreakable because of how much I’ve been broken,

I refuse to stay broken and I won’t break.

I’ll grow stronger God willing.

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