Be a Gardener

By: A YSA writer with responses from several others


One person alone has the potential to be a gardener.

Not only a gardener but a garden who gardens.

Once you have cultivated the special flower in your own garden,

and you care for it always,

it will bear seeds.

You can fill yourself with special flowers.

With an abundance of seeds,

you can scatter them across the other gardens, or human beings.

If the seeds don’t sink into them,

it’s ok.

If they grow a flower, but fail to care for it

there is no use,

try try again.

The ones who care for it will have so many seeds

that they’ll have no choice but to drop them every day

sharing with anyone.

Gradually we will liberate the world.


Suggestions as to how to live a healthy life

mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

First plant the seed of the flower of self awareness

then all questions will be satisfied.

This is indeed the most important seed.

~ A YSA writer

The seed I plant is a challenger giving others the opportunity to say I won’t break and then prove

it. The plant that grows from this seed is a cactus that blooms a venus fly trap, but it gives off a

sweet scent. It draws you in, then it throws you back. It is a challenge to embrace it but it builds


~ Leon

The seed that I want to spread is the seed of understanding because with understanding comes

patience. Patience is a beautiful thing. Maybe if there was more love, patience would not run out.

Love exists deep inside us sometimes you just need to remind them. ~ Laura

Rick James is like me. We both like to arrange something epic. I feel my seeds consist of

elevating the consciousness of civilization through music and the verbs of my personal life.

~Zef God

Seeds I want to plant

I want to plant seeds of happiness.

I want to have a happy life.

Seeds of peace.

I believe that our world needs to change.


A seed as I walk is a seed of what they see.

A seed is a gift. My gift isn’t enough.

You give kindness

As an abundant flower

but when pollen gives back

it is not as equivalent.

A seed I would like to drop is greed.

I would like to drop this because

a gift to world would not be a sharing gift.

It would be as solo gift

to keep me sane

it would be greed!


A Root

by Mike B

It’s Deep

It’s Beautiful

It’s Her

It Grows

It’s Alive

It’s Pure

I want to grow a root of understanding so people can understand people and accept people for their gift

and talents and do not judg for we are connected. I want to grow sunflowers because they make me


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