Brain and Heartstorming

By: Michael Butler


I feel like dying.

But I want to love everybody for who they are.

Killing is not the answer.

I rather do drugs.

My mind is like diving in the ocean

when not know how to swim.

But I have a certain love for the ocean and mother nature.

I am not from this world.

I from the stars.

I believe we are Spirits.

It reminds me we are angels.

We all have wings and a crown.

I feel very dark sometimes

but I believe we all have some black in us all.

The world scares me sometimes.

I don’t know what this world is coming to.

I am numb to the world.

I remember when I didn’t feel emotions

my Spirits is old.

I think I have sun – is the fire in my soul.

Moon is the light in my darkness

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