I am an Aztec Princess with a Mistaken Identity

By: Rosa Malinche


Colors of red sand and green cactus. the fresh air of salt water lingered in my hair making

it dry and crispy. I walked down the narrow road made of misfigured rocks and sand. I

remember complaining about the pricks of sharp rocks cutting my feet to my mom. She

payed no mind ignoring my pain and words. I always complained about how dirty and

poor Mexico was, never realizing how much I will miss it and how much of a huge chunk

of my heart loved it. I am a Latina with pink skin and colored hazel eyes long black hair

who speaks Spanglish. Growing up as a Latina who looks white to society has angered

me because I have culture and I am proud of my Spanish blood. I am an Aztec Princess

with a mistaken identity. In Mexico I was recognized as a brown Princess. I was home

among my family and I lived happily.

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