My Grandma

By:  Brandon


Her sick

Her diabetic

Her take care of me

a little guy back then

I feel my grandma not here

because her need help

her need super help

because her son help her

right now

I not see my grandma right now

because three years

I go over there

my cousin there

I can’t go see her

her lost her grandson

my cousin

me older now

her still love me

I care about her

me see her much often last year

still her not come see me

me the oldest

I been gone

I‘m going to go to funeral soon with her

I got an uncle named Davon

I got a cousin named Davon too

Both of them not here

I been to four funerals

all my life

my papa not there

to watch

her ok?

her can’t go out the house

doctors tell her to stay home

I think I do better

go to see her

right now I been working too much

not able go see her

I got go to work

go to Oakland

come back

so see her

I can’t do that

here, busy

too much money

Clipper Card

Oakland to here

that’s only thing can do

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