Jr. Artist Roles

SALES ARTIST (Business Training)

Direct Supervisors: Business intern and Danielle, Program Director

Modeling, Positivity and Behavior

  1. At YSA and in the field, always model the covenant
    1. report one time deal breakers to Art Director or Program Director
    2. practice positive attitude instead of complaining in difficult situations
    3. take responsibility for actions instead of blaming others
    4. listen and accept feedback from others instead of rationalizing
    5. think critically about self, others, and contexts, problem solving

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Day 1, Day 2, and Friday 3:30-5:30pm sell art
    1. only take the art cart to YSA approved venues
    2. if asked to leave a venue, report to a YSA supervisor immediately
  2. complete sales records daily
    1. Fill out name, date, sales price on all lines of the sales receipt
    2. Note YSA artists whose work sold in binder
    3. Give sales money to Business intern daily
  3. Monday, 5:30-6:15pm attend Business training
    1. Learn Jr. Achievement’s Personal Finance program
    2. teach the personal finance program to youth
  4. Tuesday, 6:30-7:30pm, attend Sales meeting
  5. Friday, 6:00-6:30pm attend Youth Empowerment Meetings


  1. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 3:30-6:30pm attend YSA
    1. work 10hrs per week total, have the option to volunteer more time
    2. 30 minutes of flex time to arrive at YSA
    3. if unable to work, then report absences at least 24hrs in advance to the Program Director
    4. If the Jr. Artist does not communicate absences, he/she will receive a warning. On the third warning, the Jr. Artist and Program Director will meet.
  2. Monday, 6:30-7:30pm attend staff meeting
  3. Volunteer at two weekend events, such as mural making or poetry slam


  1. Monday, 6:30-6:45pm ‘debrief’ about studio performance, such as receiving/following directions or attitude, with the YSA staff.
  2. The Staff Team and Jr. Artist will independently complete an evaluation about the Jr. Artist’s performance.
  3. The goal is for the staff and Jr. Artist to give the same or close to the same ratings, so youth and staff are on the same page, and the focus is on helping the Jr. Artist to develop accurate self-awareness.
  4. If the ratings are different, the YSA staff will provide feedback about why.
  5. The Jr. Artist is expected to listen to this feedback and accept it.
  6. The Jr. Artist can ask to set up a separate meeting to receive more feedback and instruction about how to improve.