Example of a Leader Role

Direct Supervisors: Art Director and Associate Director

Specific Responsibilities
1. 3 days per week, 4:00-4:15pm/6-6:30pm, run a check-in and check-out
2. As needed, assist Associate Director in goal setting
a. Ask youth about their specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic (SMART) goals and offer support
3. Friday, 6:00-6:30pm lead Youth Empowerment Meetings
a. ask for feedback about trainings
b. ask for input about studio dynamics
c. ask for ideas for art projects/team collaborations
d. if there are new youth, lead a game that introduces the new youth into the community
4. Train Apprentice Leaders in new activities
a. orient leaders to the City Data Services
b. orient leaders to the Google docs for sales records
c. orient leaders to the thank you notes system
5. Help Associate Director to administer some program evaluations
a. interview youth about their experiences in the program
b. hand out and collect Friday evaluations
6. Help reduce drama in the studio through peer mediation
a. develop relationships with youth, encourage friendships, community
b. report any one time deal breakers of Covenant
c. serve as liaison if any youth submit a grievance
7. Work with Associate Director to calculate stipends
8. Lead clean-up in the studio
a. assign youth to tasks each week
b. write on the white board
c. option to delegate this ask to an Apprentice Leader

9. Three days, 3:30-6:30pm, 10hrs total, attend YSA
a. work 10hrs per week total, with the option to volunteer more time
b. option to work on homework two out of the ten hrs at YSA
c. receive 30 minutes of flex time to arrive by 4pm from school
d. if unable to work, then report absences at least 24hrs in advance to the Associate Director
10. Monday, 6:30-7:30pm attend staff meeting
11. Friday, 5:30-6:30pm attend Youth Empowerment Meetings
12. Volunteer at two weekend events, such as mural making or poetry slams

Modeling, Positivity and Behavior
13. At YSA, always model the covenant
a. report one time deal breakers to Art Director or Associate Director
b. practice positive attitude instead of complaining in difficult situations
c. take responsibility for actions instead of blaming others
d. listen and accept feedback from others instead of rationalizing
e. think critically about self, others, and contexts, problem solving