Jr. Artist Roles


Direct Supervisor: Victor, Art Director, Danielle, Program Director

Modeling the Covenant, Positivity

  1. At YSA, always model the covenant
    1. report one time deal breakers to Art Director or Program Director
    2. practice positive attitude instead of complaining in difficult situations
    3. take responsibility for actions instead of blaming others
    4. listen and accept feedback from others instead of rationalizing
    5. think critically about self, others, and contexts, problem solving

Specific Responsibilities

  1. 3 days of Monday through Friday, 6:15-6:30pm, clean up the studio
    1. Put art materials into proper places, such as markers into the ‘markers’ bucket
    2. Clean all paint brushes
    3. Wash each table
    4. Sweep the floors.
  2. make clean-up a collaborative effort by assigning four (or less) youth to lead a cleaning task, (items a, b, c, d).
    1. name students to clean, put their names and their tasks on the dry erase board to make roles clear
    2. If supplies remain out, clean up after the youth
    3. If b. occurs, lead a discussion to make clean-up a collaborative task
  3. Organize the art supplies on the black shelves and art in the drawers
    1. insure all of the bins have labels, so youth can find the supplies
    2. insure the supplies stay in the correct bin for easy access
    3. insure art is stored neatly and systematically for easy access
  4. Keep an inventory of supplies
    1. give a supplies list to Program Director, 3rd Friday of the month
  5. Train Apprentice leader of studio art
    1. insure he/she knows color wheel, basic art techniques, sales-tag format
  6. Record any sales from the studio gallery
  7. Attend every Poetry slam to assist Art Director in logistics
    1. set up speakers, microphone, recording
    2. greet guests, direct them to seats
    3. coordinate with businesses to insure any donated food arrives at the event
  8. Attend all gallery events to assist Art Director in logistics
    1. help Art Director select art, hang art, and take down art
    2. create bios of artists in the exhibit
    3. create wall posts that describe art in the exhibit
  9. Help Art Director coordinate the logistics of commissions
    1. check in with artists’ progress and insure projects’ timelines are met
    2. insure projects are presentable, as gifts, packaged, etc for business


  1. attend YSA three days per week, 10hrs total.
    1. One of the days must be Friday
    2. 1hr of flex time to accommodate academics. E.g. Bridge program, doing homework in the studio, etc.
    3. attend the team meeting Monday, 6:30-7:30pm
  2. If cannot come 10hrs per week, or cannot attend the team meeting, tell the Program Director via email/person at least 24hrs in advance.
    1. If no communication about a first absence, receive a warning. On the third warning, meet with the Program Director.
  3. volunteer at one weekend event per term.


  1. Monday, 6:30-6:45pm ‘debrief’ about studio performance, such as receiving/following directions or attitude, with the YSA staff.
  2. The Staff Team and Jr. Artist will independently complete an evaluation about the Jr. Artist’s performance.
  3. The goal is for the staff and Jr. Artist to give the same or close to the same ratings, so youth and staff are on the same page, and the focus is on helping the Jr. Artist to develop accurate self-awareness.
  4. If the ratings are different, the YSA staff will provide feedback about why.
  5. The Jr. Artist is expected to listen to this feedback and accept it.
  6. The Jr. Artist can ask to set up a separate meeting to receive more feedback and instruction about how to improve.