Screen printing Commissions

Youth Spirit Artworks Screen Printing Pricing

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Sample of our screen printing Youth Spirit Artworks.

Screen set up

When doing screen printing each color has a dedicated screen. For example a design with just one color would need one screen. A design with four colors would require four screens.


One Screen $24 – Two screens $36

Three screens $48

Four screens $60


Printing each color Labor

One Color It takes 3 hours to set up, register and print 100 t-shirts.

Pricing : $18.75/hour = $56.25

Two Color design – For 100 t-shirts. Pricing : = 6 hours x $18.75 = $112.50

Note : If the request is for One color  on both sides of the shirts then it equals 2 screens

(please refer to pricing above) and 2 colors even if it is the same color.



The client wants 75 t-shirts : 75 shirts  x $8.50 + $637.50 for 2 colors on both sides  (4 screens)

Screen  prep : $60  Labor (12 hours) +$225  TOTAL= $938.50


Note : Technical bargain. If 2 designs can fit onto one screen then we would charge just $24 for one screen.


Requests for clients


File dimensions should be included  on the file (if using Photoshop or Illustrator.

A charge will apply if we have to prepare the design for print which includes color separation and printing on acetate (Transparency). Labour for this process is $20/hour. Please consult us to get an accurate quote for your design.



Orders under 100 = $8.50 per t-shirt

Orders over 100 = $4.50 per t-shirt

Example : 99 t-shirts =$841.50    150 t-shirts = $675.00


Different Color pricing : @ $8 per color


2 Colors = $16

3 Colors = $24

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