The Life of a Tree

By: Rosa Malinche


My ancestors are the trunk of the tree

My grandparents watered the tree

and preserved the beautiful growth of life that the tree gave

With that leaves grew

an abundance of fresh green leaves, lushful

it protected the caretakers from rain, cold and heat.

They lived in peace and created air

to life

Flowers grew

Many different colors of flowers and fruits ascended from the tree

It became a culture of love, life happiness, safety, stability, food

it was enough for the world to shine on.

It gave the world fresh air

giving it life everyday

It will never die

and when I pass away

it will still grow.

I am an Aztec Princess with a Mistaken Identity

By: Rosa Malinche


Colors of red sand and green cactus. the fresh air of salt water lingered in my hair making

it dry and crispy. I walked down the narrow road made of misfigured rocks and sand. I

remember complaining about the pricks of sharp rocks cutting my feet to my mom. She

payed no mind ignoring my pain and words. I always complained about how dirty and

poor Mexico was, never realizing how much I will miss it and how much of a huge chunk

of my heart loved it. I am a Latina with pink skin and colored hazel eyes long black hair

who speaks Spanglish. Growing up as a Latina who looks white to society has angered

me because I have culture and I am proud of my Spanish blood. I am an Aztec Princess

with a mistaken identity. In Mexico I was recognized as a brown Princess. I was home

among my family and I lived happily.

Where I’m From

By: Laura


I am from strong winds and dark nights

I am from suffocating heat

but ice cold hearts

I belong to the air because

I am from it’s wind

I am from ice thawing talks

I’m from screaming winds

and completely blind nights.

I am from the lone star state.


I am from the illusions of the wind

and it’s whispers in the night.

I am from the love of the bird gliding through the sky.

I’m from it’s wings and it’s promise to return.

I’m from deep deep water

streams and blood thirsty earth.

It takes from me.

But it also gives, it gives to me.

I am from blurry colors and distant lights.

They say I am from the lost but no

I chase freedoms emotions and

when I laugh the wind laughs with me.

This Moment is Your Only Chance

By: X


I’ll say it again

This moment is your ONLY chance

Your only shot at life

Not in the future

Not in the past

Oh pity

The masses are dead

Dead in the bed called the head

Fast asleep

Their auras are weak

They are strong only in their folly

Turn your eye to the essential, the existential

the NOW

Wake up and live

The past and future will handle themselves accordingly

My Grandma

By:  Brandon


Her sick

Her diabetic

Her take care of me

a little guy back then

I feel my grandma not here

because her need help

her need super help

because her son help her

right now

I not see my grandma right now

because three years

I go over there

my cousin there

I can’t go see her

her lost her grandson

my cousin

me older now

her still love me

I care about her

me see her much often last year

still her not come see me

me the oldest

I been gone

I‘m going to go to funeral soon with her

I got an uncle named Davon

I got a cousin named Davon too

Both of them not here

I been to four funerals

all my life

my papa not there

to watch

her ok?

her can’t go out the house

doctors tell her to stay home

I think I do better

go to see her

right now I been working too much

not able go see her

I got go to work

go to Oakland

come back

so see her

I can’t do that

here, busy

too much money

Clipper Card

Oakland to here

that’s only thing can do

I Wonder If….

By: Floetics


I wonder if I were quiet

would I still make my point

I have so many thoughts and ideas

so many things I wanna say

yet I can’t.

The silence that the brain holds the mouth

engulfs me with confusion weather

whether the sounds I hear are an illusion

it’s complicated

how the emancipated gets push out the way

and manipulated

the gaul of them

to haul the PALs

YSA that makes everyday a fun day

Killed, blood spilled

for personal pleasure

but what is the true treasure

in $5 owed to you the day before?

I Know Why

By: X


I know why you suffer

You suffer because you’re attached to Illusion

I know why you live

You’re either a pleasure seeker or love addict

I know why you express

Simply because it’s in your DNA to do so

I know why you can’t fly

You think you’re the physical body and therefore bound to it’s mind

I know why you’re afraid

You don’t want to face the truth

I know why you lie

The truth will set you free

I know why you’re afraid of change

You don’t know that you’re unlimited

I know why you change so much

You’re afraid to plant your seed in the fine soil

take time to become a grand flower

but don’t you know that if a seed blows

in the wind too long that it will die a short waste of a life?

I know why you want to die

You don’t know that you’ve never really existed

One day at a time

One moment at a time


Now is the only moment

This breathe right here


Once one is able to relax,

then one will know peace.

Mental stability, emotional stability, physical equanimity

Take the pearl and go,

do not trample it and throw it back.

If you don’t want it

leave it be.


By: Cole Wright


I know exactly why my system isn’t clean

mind above a cloud

with one of the lowest self esteems

Life ain’t what it seems

bumping heads

blinded by the most appealing schemes



with no movement in my wings while I sing