To Be & Live

By: Zef God


The internal struggle of

opposing wills died off once I Activated.

The ability to turn all conscious thought

into verbs – that action.

Becoming the change I want to see

Manifesting heaven on Earth

I rest bliss.

Like the faucet

the steady stream

my consciousness flows



I’m Manifested

Brain and Heartstorming

By: Michael Butler


I feel like dying.

But I want to love everybody for who they are.

Killing is not the answer.

I rather do drugs.

My mind is like diving in the ocean

when not know how to swim.

But I have a certain love for the ocean and mother nature.

I am not from this world.

I from the stars.

I believe we are Spirits.

It reminds me we are angels.

We all have wings and a crown.

I feel very dark sometimes

but I believe we all have some black in us all.

The world scares me sometimes.

I don’t know what this world is coming to.

I am numb to the world.

I remember when I didn’t feel emotions

my Spirits is old.

I think I have sun – is the fire in my soul.

Moon is the light in my darkness

The Same, the Same

By: A YSA writer


I look around and the place does not surprise me.

Where is the fun?

Where is the laughter?

All around people look tired.

Maybe it’s just me

but it’s always the same.

You look around

and someone is sleeping on the ground,

you lend an ear

and there is always someone with a problem.

The same, the same

is this place always the same?

Is there a day when problems disappear?

Will this be when help actually appears?

Does help exist or is this all an illusion?

I am Like You

By: A YSA writer


I’m like you, from the same place

See, everything came from nothing

Light sprang out from the darkness

all elements, fire, water, earth, air and ether

which make up our minds, bodies, and souls

came from nothing

the ultimate mystery

the best kept secret

the first, the real, the eternal

I am like you

We are all siblings really

Children of the Original Master

who made Everything out of Nothing

My beloved people

Be proud of your meaninglessness

Embrace the void

Kiss the darkness, bask in the light

Free yourself from fear

From the greatest lie ever told

Return to where you came from while you’re still alive