I Know Why

By: X


I know why you suffer

You suffer because you’re attached to Illusion

I know why you live

You’re either a pleasure seeker or love addict

I know why you express

Simply because it’s in your DNA to do so

I know why you can’t fly

You think you’re the physical body and therefore bound to it’s mind

I know why you’re afraid

You don’t want to face the truth

I know why you lie

The truth will set you free

I know why you’re afraid of change

You don’t know that you’re unlimited

I know why you change so much

You’re afraid to plant your seed in the fine soil

take time to become a grand flower

but don’t you know that if a seed blows

in the wind too long that it will die a short waste of a life?

I know why you want to die

You don’t know that you’ve never really existed

One day at a time

One moment at a time


Now is the only moment

This breathe right here


Once one is able to relax,

then one will know peace.

Mental stability, emotional stability, physical equanimity

Take the pearl and go,

do not trample it and throw it back.

If you don’t want it

leave it be.


By: Cole Wright


I know exactly why my system isn’t clean

mind above a cloud

with one of the lowest self esteems

Life ain’t what it seems

bumping heads

blinded by the most appealing schemes



with no movement in my wings while I sing