Tiny House Mural Project


Our Tiny House Project was launched in response to the growing epidemic of youth homelessness in the Bay Area. We have created 26 Tiny Homes that will act as low income housing for Youth ages 18-25, and thus develop a community of empowered and supported citizens at our space we have been allotted in East Oakland. On each Tiny Home, 2 walls will be painted with murals. We are opening design submissions for these 52 mural spaces to the wider community of youth artists and working artists. Some of the murals have already begun or have been completed, and aside from our in-house youth artists, we are looking to accept at least 35 mural submissions from artists outside our organization. If your mural design fits our village, you will be given the choice to paint it either by yourself, with your co-designer(s), and/or with other youth and community volunteers. On the other hand, you could choose to have our youth artists paint the design for you! We encourage collaboration on designs and prefer an empowering group experience!


The Bay Area is home to many diverse cultures and ways of life. The murals we want to create for our cultivated community will ideally convey the Bay Area Community’s sense of Diversity, Solidarity, and Resilience. Especially, as seen and experienced by under represented or marginalized groups of youth. In this context, since   these murals will be engaging with our youth community daily, they should emphasize the empowerment of youth, encouraging youth to meet their goals and live their best life. We welcome our artists to be creative and provide a labor of love to our community and for our Tiny House Village, incorporating their unique style and swagger!

Essential Requirements for Submissions:

  • Have a Purposeful, Thoughtful, and Intentional Vision in relation to the community-based themes discussed above.
  • Be Colorful and Vibrant, to be seen from afar.
  • Be Representative of the Bay Area Community in its diverse, and resilient presence and history.
  • Your image can be abstracted or overt & clear but must feel cohesive and complete, filling the whole space.


  • Underlying themes could include Social Movements, Struggles, and Challenges that are relevant in the Bay Area, for example:
  • Disability, Racial Inequity, Gentrification, Homelessness, Mental Illness, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Xenophobia, Indigenous Solidarity, Class Struggles, Gender Identity/LGBTQ+ rights, Domestic Violence, Education, Healthcare, Alternative Medicine etc..
  • Imagery could include Important Monuments, Figures, and Services, for example:
  • Lifestyles & Trades, (Carpenters, Mechanics, Social Workers, Students, Construction Workers, Doctors, Herbalists), Actions (Hiking, Biking, Skating, Sports Activities,) Community gathering places, Street Vendors, Farmers Markets, Food Pantries, Street Art, Newspapers, Monuments (CAL Clock Tower, Grizzly Peak, Fox Theatre, Uptown Park, Lake Merritt, Lakeshore, Telegraph, Oracle Coliseum, BART), Natural Features (Native plants, Animals, and Geography) Events (Native American Sunrise, Cinco De Mayo, Life is Living, Black Joy Parade, Open Mics, First Friday, Gay Pride)
  • These are just suggestions and guidelines, what’s most important, is to use your distinct artistic style and vision that’s unique to your personal practice!

Important Information:

  • The walls that will be painted have three different shapes, Wall A (no windows no doors), Wall B (w/door), and Wall C (w/ windows). Templates for these walls are attached to this document. Murals will be painted over the door of Wall B.
  • During painting, there will be certain roles:
  • Lead mural artists (YSA youth and Accepted Volunteer mural artists/designers, who will sketch and do most of the painting, especially the detail.)
  • Assistant mural artists (who help paint and contribute when directed.)
  • Mural facilitator! (who helps organize and prepare supplies on site)

(If you would like to volunteer as an Assistant mural artist or Mural facilitator, email us directly, you don’t have to submit a design to contribute to this project!)

  • Paint and other supplies will be provided by YSA at our studio and at the Tiny House Village site on June weekends. Acrylic and Spray Paint will be available, as well as anti-graffiti (Clear Coat) coating, plastic sheeting, trays and tape. Artists need to provide their own brushes.


  • Prepare designs for at least 2 wall types.
  • Designs must be exactly what you’re proposing to paint on a wall and in full color.
  • You may use the same design to fit different wall sizes, or create 2-3 different designs that uniquely fits each type of wall.
  •  Your designs must fit the size of the walls you choose:

Wall A, sketch size: 14 In. W by 8 In. H,

Wall B, sketch size: 10 In. W by 10 In H, (has door.)

Wall C, sketch size: 14 In W by 8 In H, (has windows.)

  • If accepted, 1 design will be selected to paint 1 side of a tiny home.
  • Submit your designs online, through this Google form:


  •  With your design, you will be asked to write a Mission Statement (Including Explanation and Intention)  about why your mural fits with our village themes. 150 words max.
  • Mural Submissions from Youth ages 16 to 25 and Tiny House Build Groups are more likely to be accepted/prioritized, although we will accept many other applicants.
  • Youth Groups under 16 years-old are able to submit designs alongside adult allies.
  • You are welcome to collaborate with as many artists as you want for your design and submission.
  • Submissions will be received between April 30, 2020 – June 15, 2020
  • After being accepted, there will be a Review period of 2-3 days.
  • Mural painting ASAP before July 31, 2020–With organized mural painting weekends tentatively: June 6-7, 13-14, 20-21 and 27-28.
  • For Additional Questions, Contact Eli Streiff, seconddragan[at]gmail.com, Sean McCreary, sean.m.mccreary1[at]gmail.com , or Sally Hindman, shindman[at]youthspiritartworks.org