Apprentices have completed at least one semester-long training session.  Although not quite ready to take on leadership roles, they have solidified some soft skills.

  • Engagement.  They participate more actively in YSA activities, e.g. mural projects, Poetry Slam events, and gallery shows.
  • Team work.  They know how to communicate among youth with different learning styles, skills, interests, and strengths through creativity and critical thinking.
  • Self-sufficient AND able to ask for help.  They tackle more specific tasks with the help of a peer mentor, such as tracking their hours and attendance at work.

Matisse Dillard

“I think an apprentice in YSA should learn more about how to do art. Art is the reason why we are here. I am getting better in dong art, I can see I make some different. I came here every day on time and never miss one day.” Matisse Dillard, YSA 2014 Fall Apprentice.